17 Aug 2016


How I perceived and behave for tonight and last night meeting was different.
Last night was a depressive night, I'd say.
Maybe hormonal disturbance.
Right before the meeting, I was watching a drama while consuming caffeine.
You know, the after effect of drinking coffee for is something kind of catastrophe.
Also, the drama I watched, it happened to be sad scenes where anyone can relate it to his/her life.
Plus, I was rather having 'rainy and cloudy' mood on that day. For the past few days, I got a little syndrome of OCD and paranoia. Yesterday was worse. I went up and down by lift, to go and out of my house just because of I forgot something. I was like, 'this is so sad and unacceptable'
So, during that meeting...I was really not reactive...let alone of me becoming proactive. From the beginning, I decided to not speak. And my mind was set was really applied.
At the end of the meeting, one member generally said something unsatisfying of some people who weren't active and did something else during the meeting. Yeah.that's least one of them.
By having that, I feel even worse.

Tonight meeting is far way better, though.

And now...I just consumed caffeine to make me stay up to do computerized homework.
Bad sadly, the website is having some kind of under maintenance.
That 10++ questions with long calculations and complex concept are needed to be done within this 3 days and the website is turning down..

Let's be patient.

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