27 Mar 2016

Friendship in Peace...

There must be reasons why people all over the world have been fated to have argued against each other about matters happened in this world.
Scientists discovered that the earth is in globular shape, but there are some other scientists claimed that earth is flat, and we argue.
When people says Islam is  a peaceful religion, the all-muslims-are-terrorist believers come against the premise, and we argue.
The fact that we are battling for our own perception is depended on what we believed in. How can that happened is due to our growing up environment, what we have seen, what we have heard, and what we have read. The question-are all those sensed materials meet the truth? What kind of faith do we have that made us truly believe on our choice between the two antithesis? (*dont know whether that is the term)

I dont understand and cannot brain why most of Americans and some of Europeans believe the sole news of ISIS as the representation of the whole Muslims and Islam itself.

1. Holding the flag with the words of La ilahaillaAllah (there is no one for worship but Allah) written for terrorizing purpose. Also, having the beards. Shouting out 'Allahuakbar' and then killed himself along the pedestrians in public. Anyone who dare can do those things-regardless who they are.

2. If ISIS really wanna kill non-muslim, Israel is the nearest possible country for the Islamic State to attack. Plus, Muslims have disputes over the Zionists who occupied Palestine. What? Israel got too strong defense? Well, logically, they should have ISIS members among Palestinians, if the ISIS is really existed for the sake of Muslim and Islam. What? blabla for Iraq and Syria? So there cant be others from another citizenship to join? Wow...I think ISIS members from America, and some parts of Europe already can give the explanation.

3. If Muslims are all bad and Islam teach that its people can commit terrorism freely, I believe that non-muslims in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Kazakhstan, China, Jordan, Nepal, Germany, French and so on would be deeply tormented right now.

4. ISIS said that they want to implement the Shariah Law. can they want to implement Shariah Law when they do not follow one during the war; rape, killing innocent people, etc? They even kill Muslims. How is that?

5. If Islam is a terrorist religion because of some of us who claimed themselves as Muslims did the non-forgivable action, how about Buddhists in Myanmar who killed Muslims over there? How about the Jews who slaughtered Palestinians? How about the KKK? How about the Holocaust? How about the WW1 and WW2 which surely many people involved dead terribly?

6. Islam taught us to be nice even with the plantations and to animals. Defense is needed when it comes to occupation but it never meant for them to kill innocent people, the civilians, torture the women. Never. Those are stated in Al-Quran.

7. The extremist term used for these kind of 'Muslims' is only for labeling purpose which is terrorist to associate it with Islam. In reality, they arent Muslims at all. What they did is opposite with what Al-Quran had told.

I bet those who believe ISIS represents Muslims and Islam as a whole could be close-minded people and full of arrogance. Islamophobia only famous in media...not in reality. They are really try hard to destroy Islam by spreading all false news and relate it to Islam.

Everybody now want to critics the others' perceptions that against theirs without finding the truth.
It is the fact that we were born in different races, and religions, but we have never been taught to hate each other. It is only what we chose on what we believe.

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