17 Aug 2016


Recalling back on attack on titan,
Why not we relate this in our life.

"If I not fight, I would be dead" - Mikasa

Mentally speaking, how much depress you are, you have to get up.
For sure, there are many things you need to do in accomplishing your dreams and hope.
Mourning wouldn't solve and lead you to the drowning.

It is easy to say this kind of things when you are in spirit and determination.
Let say the storm hit, would I be able to stick positively to this?

Eh, wait.

I got the faith.

Where...lots of things had been taught to me on how to counter back those negativeness of life.
I wish that I can embrace those tightly.

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Dalam diri selembut sutera kau miliki iman yang teguh,
in shaa Allah.