10 Nov 2015

Dreaming on becoming a director

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Media is very influential. Really is.
I am an observance-type.
Watching movies, dramas and even music video will lead and teach me to imagination.
Imagination can be one of the self defense-mechanism, away from inner agony, after all.
Sometimes, the imagination is needed to be expressed! Why? Because, you wish to tell others about what really had happened to this world, to this life, to YOU which at the end will bring lessons to the society! YES!
Happy, sad, pleasure, agony... all of them!
Which way that you choose as the medium for you to express it, you name it...singing? Fighting? Writing? Drawing? Running?

I choose MEDIA, which include most of the terms that I listed up there. The terms with action, supposedly. YUP!

All of the imagination that I wished to express are kept in the drawers in my mind. But there is no 5s in that room. Kinda disappointing. Haehar.

However, I am planning to be part-time film director someday. Up until this extent, I just wannabe, some kind of director who handle the short film video or music video. YES. The videos with full of contentment and good values which can bring goosebumps to the audiences!! Voila! =D

Anyhow...even this post, I did it just to express my thoughts..hey, all readers and bloggers know that.
WRITING! Who knows..someone(s) who read this may give something valuable to me at the end.
And as for you guys...if you really have the decided career and ambitions and dreams on what you wanna be and wanna have..dont hesitate!!!

Go after it!
In shaa Allah. Allah yuftah alaikum!!!!!!
Smile, people hehe

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