15 Feb 2016

Proper Tudung (Hijab)

Assalamualaikum and greetings.
Proper as proper hijab.
You can wear any kind of tudung, bawal, shawl, baldi, saji, etc as long as it is truly syariah compliance.
What is the syariah compliance in this context?

First of all, you have to cover the aurat, which in this case, only face can be shown.
Hair, neck and ears must all be covered.
How about the colour? Yup. It still can not be seen- the colour of the aurat parts.

Second part is the shape. This is the most popular thing that people keep giving advice on, and yet there are still many girls doing it. It is  important to cover the chest by minimizing the curve shape as can as possible. Wear loose shawl or hijab  or anything that can cover the chest in proper way.

After all, the colour and the shape still the parts of the aurat. The statements I put here are for general situation, where women are in the public.

Why we, women need to do this-covering the aurat?
In Islam it is a command for men and women to cover certain parts of their body. Those required body parts which is needed to be covered and needed to be concealed as a whole is called as aurat. Different confrontation and situation will allow different exposure of those certain body parts. Aurat when being with family only and in public will be different. Also when confronting with different gender, it will be different with that of same gender-the aurat. Back to the term of  'command', it is the obligation stated in syariah to cover your aurat. It shows how far we as the doers who have the faith in obeying Allah's commands.

It is needed to promote yourselves in modesty. Showing off your talent can bring benefit for you and society. Showing off your wealthy, your precious beautiful jewelry can bring harm to you. The best place for money and jewelry can stay is always the place where there is combination code system installed. Only the right people can have it and treasure it.

Why I focus on women?
Generally, women can attract more attention.
The attraction of a woman can subconsciously seduce men. To avoid from further immorality by both parties or one of the parties itself, the root of the course which is the aurat need to be focused on.
It is true that all kind of clothing not 100% assure your safety from being sexually assaulted, even those who are in Burqa. In Islam, Allah has commanded men and women to lower the gaze. Allah also has commanded to cover the aurat for women and men. Both commands are for both genders. But, due to the different traits of men and women (psychologically and physically) it has influence where the implementation is more prone to.

Islam is guiding people by perfect law and rule, yet flexible. We, as human being are the ones who need to find more knowledge and quality thoughts by analyzing the right reference.

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