24 Mar 2017

History vs Tears

I think I need to tell this.
When it comes to the history, the tears always there!
Name it..the tragedies, wars, biographies...there will be always tears whether it is about misery or victory!

There are few movies that really touched me when it comes to the history.

Tae Guk Gi. It is not War of Brotherhood, instead it is Brotherhood of War!
Their siblings and family relationship did melt my soft heart; the kinship.
The sacrifices and death risk all they had done in order to save each other's life.
Although it focused on those two guys, but the cause and effects of their struggle, involving their surrounding is really deeply hit me.

It has been 2 decade since the movie was made...still never fail make people cry.
It is not merely about the sweet heart-touchee couple, it is about the community on boards from highest class to the lowest class. There were also musicians and management crews of the company. The ones who valued the built of the huge ship.

For this time being those 2 movies really made me eager to share with other people.
See? How good movies work? How they manage the storyline...the plot, the cinematic quality, how they direct the actors and actresses.

So people..those who work in film industry..please do beneficial movies that can give lecture to the audiences about who we really are in the community. If we are against the norm that is no good, you should tell us the bad consequence and put that values deep in our heart. I know, I know...this is our attitude which need to be fixed, no need any your effort to fix ourselves. However, human's mind is complex and yes, it can be developed by as simple thing as movie. We all know that.

Last but not least, in addition that you wanna have  great income by doing film, do the high quality one.


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