7 Mar 2016

Foundation/Matriculation/IB books to let

Assalamualaikum and hi bright stars

These are my used books that I wish to let go...some with payment of course. Although the syllabus require new edition, I bet that it would not differ so much.
Interested to buy or take the book, you can dm me (or give comment) by giving your email. That will notify me iA. I cant afford to display my phone number here heuwheuw.
Or you can email me at

[Chemistry for IB diploma, Steve Owen, Cambridge]

2 years usage, no CD
RM10. No postage charged

[Mathemtics Higher Level, OXFORD]

2 years usage, no CD
RM20 No postage charged

[Chemistry for Matriculation 1]
3rd Edition
Free of charge

[Chemistry for matriculation 2]
3rd Edition
Free of charge

[Chemistry for Matriculation 2]
Revised Edition
Free of charge

[Biology for Matriculation 1]
Second edition
Free of charge

Any sold ones will be notified.
Area: Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. The nearby ones may have more chance to grab.

Good luck in being foundation, A-level, matriculation, AFDP, STPM,  IB students!!!

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