8 Jun 2017

Astaghfirullah: Random things lately

1. It is found that I love deep meaning song, and yes, hip hop, rap, song mostly deliver that. I am Malaysian what; Seriously, Malique and altimet are some of the bests laa. Ahli Fikir pun boleh tahan. Deep, rasa pedas gituh. This my taste change...see? From cute happy pop song to this kind. Interest can change easily.

2. Aku mohon supaya aku boleh bertahan..dugaan, tarikan dan pressure daripada orang keliling aku.
Orang kata, mencarila masa di uni kan. That's is what all my friends do. Tarikan dan pengaruh itu kuat juga pada aku, tapi aku memang ada plan bahawa, sebelum diriku siap seperti yang sepatutnya belum masa lagi untuk berfikir hal itu. Ini bukan masanya. Plan aku; when it comes the internship or when I am totally be ready about it. Hey, my parents and siblings are the ones that I need to take care of first...and at the mean of time, I have to keep myself to be in track; trying hard to not get hurt.

3. Cautious level of mine is sinusoidal. Please make it to infinity sin 270 degree. or half pi. I like those subjects...this sem. But getting in the class made me kinda scared and cannot pay attention. The interest has lost.

4. It turns out that I am really hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Lately; banyak kes yang berlaku di sekitar bumi bima sakti. Kenapa tak begitu sakti untuk aku membaca tentang hal-hal itu? Aku cuma bersemangat bila aku dalam kelas, bosan, scroll twitter and got sentap from those comments but I cant analyse and digest it since it is lecture time-thus, I got the determination thought of getting dig on what had happened. But, when I got home...spirited away ~

5. What I am scared most about myself is being munafik in instant due to my cautiousness.

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