21 Sep 2016


Thinking back on those days where I was in the college.
I knew lots of people back then. But I rarely got the chance in getting know them more.
Thinking it now...those people are amazing,  how I wished to be good friend to them, or a best friend to them.  Even the ones who I had most best time with... I dont know how they are doing right now.  This is just like I am in 20th century where to send an eMail to a friend is a hard thing to do.

Back then,  when I was in high school... People start to use facebook when I just signed up for frienster and MySpace and twitter.
I dont like facebook so I never had one until 3 years later.  And no one of my classmate use twitter, so it turned out that I wasn't socializing with my friends so much even on internet. What a dull life back then.

Even now...I am someone who know lots of people but it is such a waste- not mingling with them.

Well,  when you start talking with them and share laughter, you will realise that this life is colourful.
The thing is from the beginning,  you should be always positive and trust those people.
Yea.. That is me,  I hardly to trust people. It seems like even myself, I am lackig my self acceptance...and one more thing, you do not have to try hard.
Accept what you have.
Create new happy event that can overlap the past unwanted haunted event. You will think that you are great!!!

Oh..back to the main point...
Those friends at the college...
I wish to listen to them(at least with the cureent state of mine), and have tears and laugh together again.
I want to believe in them.😊

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  1. in sha Allah. kite kene open diri kita baru orang akan open dengan kita. wow..... susah. i am having such a nerve-wrecking experience doing that hence get me into trouble of making friends and such. lame... gotta improve social skills.


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