26 Mar 2017

"Dont Justify Bad Behaviours..."

"Dont Justify Bad Behaviours..."

I feel hesitated to share this on my insta or twitter.
Too much thoughts of people judging me eventhough it would be the good ones.

Never mind..
So this is one good lecture from Nouman Ali Khan.
As for me, I would have to listen to this couple of times and it is tough to do so.
I can grasp the words, but it is kinda hard to rearrange it into my imagination or into my clarification/understanding for the whole lecture.

You know, "masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri"
Things take times.
As what had been said in the video, I can relate it with the situation that deeply rooted in our community, Malaysian community; Malays community especially the youngsters.

Listen this.
Kalau saya ada masa, (in shaa Allah) saya boleh tulis balik apa yang Nouman Ali katakan.

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