8 Nov 2016

Expressing thought; In parallel universe, what you might be?

What is parallel universe?
Parallel universe is the another world that other things happen to you or surrounding you in different way than what you are having right now. We will never meet that version of us because the term itself say 'parallel'. So, you cannot.

But, those who got high imagination, you can think this way...what would you be in the parallel universe. Every single change on your past will mostly make your current life change. This is the kind of person who always got 'if' word in their vocabulary.

Well, what would you be in parallel universe?
Currently, I am a student, an engineer student.
In the past, if I choose to follow my parent's choice...right now I would be a 3rd year medicine student. If I choose to follow my interest on that time, I might be having practical to occupy cubicle of psychology-related institute department office right now.
If I learnt very hard and smart during my IB school, I might be able enjoying my time in Hollywood or worse having miserable time fitting in with society in the United States of America.

"Screw that parallel universe. You shall accept what you are right now and move on"

This phrase that fill up my mind, touched me and say that if we too much dwell on the past that we wish to change be better, it wouldnt make the better current you.
The truth might be inconvenient.

But this truth tell you to work hard and smart to achieve your dream.

trying hard and smart to have positive vibe

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