8 Jun 2016

Appreciation Post

Assalamualaikum... hi peeps
I really appreciate all of those supports from family and friends... also colleagues.
To be truth those friends and colleagues also played really big roles in helping myself. 
Most of them would never know that they had helped someone a lot.
Changes take lots of time though. I always use this line to make sure that I would wake up come back again from that so called self destruct-giving up. I know...sometimes I cross some lines but recalling it back, I just wanna grab it as the phase where all people would be going through it when they wanna change.
Past is past...future is future... and present is present, right.
I really do like some people in person.. means that, how they bring out themselves in societies really amazed me.  I will look up to them a lot...
If they still lack of something, I would wish for the better they in future....
For those who seemed to be lack of lot of things in themselves, I d always try to have telepathy lol... with them that "you will make it better soon! Dont give up. You just have to put more efforts!! "
...and know what.. tawakkal also give huge impact in oneself.
So that's it. I really think that I need to say this.
Danke schön

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Dalam diri selembut sutera kau miliki iman yang teguh,
in shaa Allah.