31 Mar 2016

Deal with your Faith

Assalamualaikum and hi...

1 month and half more left for me to be at home and eating snack with full of pleasure.
What I face is only the turbulence which I dont like.
...made me do lot of useless things...the analogy of doing useless thing is like I am having staring at the blank wall for hours per day. Yeah something like that.
Sometimes, past memories (which are bad and saddening) came say hello to dare they! They made my cry a lot. Shuh!

But...this is test of life for me. you are having Digital Logic test. You are worry. Worry so much..because the examination will test on your understanding about the concept behind it, not on your capability of memorizing the concept. You all know that subject is hard!!! I got C! Still aware that 9gag used to post 2 figures on what you have learnt and what come out during exam? Yes, it is something like that!
You will try to impress your examiner or your lecturer as best as you can. From the first day of the class (in quizzes and test) until the day they examine your paper.

The same implied on the test of life, bro! But we would never see clearly the reward (or punishment) that we will gain in hereafter. Because..what replace our current life is the hereafter life. The thing that we call as invisible. The vividness of the life of hereafter is depended on one's faith. The term of vividness here is not all about you can imagine, but how far you believe on its existence! Yeah!
Some of processes and things happened in this world absolutely can not be proven scientifically. Although we got powerful mind than the other creatures on earth, still, we would never think beyond...even you got faith on motivation speaker saying that you must think beyond!!! still have the limit, you realize it when you re being bordered by something when you are trying to do so.

... FAITH ...

Ask your Faith. Deal with it.
and My best friend got some kind of illness related to bone...hope for her to be healed soon. Amiin.

p/s: Actually I wanna wrote something else, but this hands of mine, triggered by the brain with Allah's will made them pick their own preference keys on the keyboard!

Pic Source: Low shutter speed

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