3 Apr 2016

Cursing words on your status

Look. I am gonna say something...a confession
Assalamualaikum and Hi...

Whenever I share something religious or advice, I sense hypocrisy in me. Upon touching the button of send or post or tweet, I become hesitate, but thinking of it, since it is something that can motivate some people out there or make their day, I continue to tap on the screen.
I know myself better than most of people around me. I know what contain in this inner self is actually different with that of outer self. Yes. Only those who dare enough can show their true form in public. But I could say that it is not correct way of bringing up yourself.
Allah SWT Himself keep our little secret to ourselves (whether it is about us or about others that we happened to know)
Allah SWT never allow us to tell bad things (things that should be secret) of others publicly. So do about ours. It represent your manner which is depended on your faith (iman)
But, somehow we are the one who subconsciously blab everything in social media especially when emotional breakdown hit. We might curse, and hurt other people. Also, left our friends in social media clueless (on what happen to you). Some people may have misunderstanding as well...and annoyed, dont left that fact away heuwheuw.
Me myself, whenever emotional turbulence attack, I always have the attempt on using 'inappropriate' content in my posts. But I always get myself aware. I always try to do the opposite of what my emotion say on that time. Only trials. *Know what, by giving positive vibes to others, it helps you to increase your happiness as well, In shaa Allah.*
Read this...This is not about we being hypocrite. It is about we control our manner, especially in social media. Not all of things about us must be let known by the others. What you do, posting unnecessary things on social media woulnt help you solve your problem. You wouldnt add footnote stating "you have the solution, please help me" or "help me!" right? We just have that urge of desire to relieve a little bit of our stress over disputes by letting others know about it. We are intentionally giving them our subliminal message. But..again, giving or writing cursing words is not wise.
One more, I got some colleagues who steadily sharing sexy ladyh!! or some kind of inappropriate post related to relationship content that appear to be a bit of sexual content. I know they are going to post about that relationship post, but the image content seems to be ergghh!! you know you shouldnt do this.
Sometimes, the real you is what appear on your social media account.
Again, it is not about hypocrisy but your manner.
Friends, we know that some of things we have done have crossed the lines. It is a need to keep ourselves back on the track..and what we have already know, we have to take care of it very well.
Well, this kind of thing somehow not really cross the lines but still this is something need to be aware at.

Say, hohoho!

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