29 Mar 2016

Getting into another new fantastic world...

Getting know Malaysia
Some of the people not know Malaysia so much, some of them do not even know its existence. [do not know where its location and, etc]. So to those who wanna know about Malaysia and its people...let me share a bit...

 *Know what, many babies being named as Malaysia though. If you have a daughter named Malaysia...kudos on you! Wish to know where the name is actually taken.*

Yes, Malaysia is a developing country.
If you are impressed with Phuket, surely you would know where the location is.
Yup, Malaysia is just below Thailand on the map. We, here are in between Thailand and Singapore, and also Indonesia.

Short history- Malaysia or earlier known as Tanah Melayu had been conquered by Portugal, and after that, British, and for a short time, the Japanese came. After that British came settling the disputes between locals, Japanese and communist. Lastly, we got the independence in 1957.
During the British ruling, Chinese and Indians were being brought from the mainland and the divide and rule policy was implemented. Now we have been living together for decades.
What happened was the cultural integration. Lot of variations. That is special about the current Malaysia.

Some of the people view Malaysia as a Chinese-populated country. I cant say that it is racist. I once used to chat with my online from which is from Canada. He said that Malaysians are people who have Japanese kind of face. I was like is beyond that, actually. We have multi-cultural people.
This is due to the divide and rule system decreed by British decades ago.  Malays had been decreed to be in agriculture in rural areas. Indians had been placed in estates while Chinese had been put in town area for economic purpose.Yup even until now, the economic mostly ran by Chinese. *I assumed this to be the cause of what people view of Malaysian people*

There is fact that a part of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand used to be under one kingdom. Territory change as the conquest ran century by century. That is why in some ways, we share the same culture. Hence, there should be no term 'cultural thieves' at all. We might share the same ancestors.

I could say that the history line of Malaysia is complicated. Even the history textbook couldnt tell us everything. The fact is we lost many info in history. More crucial part is, we are being told to subconsciously believe on one-sided story-line.

Malay, Chinese, Indian are the three biggest race here. There are many more races or ethnics especially in East Malaysia- Kadazan-Dusun, Murut, Dayak, Melanau, Orang Ulu, and many more. Some of us here are also Orang Asli or the aboriginal.

Being Malaysian...we have the chance to getting know each other. What left to do is..put away your gadgets and do the talking with people beside you. Getting know to people of another races would make us be more open-minded, and more socially wise.

Being Malaysian..there are lots of food of many different kinds from different races. Each race has its own uniqueness and we share it together. There are Roti Canai, Mee Rebus, Mee, Soup, Nasi Minyak, Laksa Tom Yam.

This is Nasi lemak. The rice with peanuts...can you eat it hehe Sedapp

Being Malaysian...our languages all are being mixed together. For example, Malay, it is used to be the Lingua Franca centuries ago. Of course that Lingua Franca of Malay would be totally different with the current Malay or here we call it Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia. Bahasa Malaysia now is a mixture of Sanskrit, English, Arab, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Being Malaysian...being mingled together with people from various races is unique and fun. We got to know about our family. Also, sharing the joy of cultural celebration.

Being Malaysian...of course we got lots of public holidays. Hehe

Yes that's it.
Pray for Malaysia
Pray for World

Thank You...Terima Kasih

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