17 Feb 2016

Some people in this world are just STUPID

ThinkIng that there is not much knowledge in me....I am thinking of to find more.

When people shout out their own thoughts and premises, there were times I want to argue. Wanna raise hand,but my conscience said no. Ok, hand down.
Why?  My own consciences argue with each other, fighting over with my faith, beliefs, past experiences, perceptions and so on.

Yes, other people would share the same ways of knowing but people always will grasp ones with fact and acceptable reasoning. People nowadays yeah. So, more things need to be discovered. What things?  FACTS. Valid facts. Logical reasoning with facts. That way of knowing.
Everything....have FACTS to cover the valid reasoning of something.



read it as READ



think it as THINK

That's it!!!
Just wanna say..
Don't be stupid. You have to know what is happening in this world. Don't just read what's happening in your own country only. Read beyond that. Think about that. You wouldn't know more or maybe be you wouldnt know the truth if you are reading pieces of information from the same source . You wouldn't able to THINK beyond that.

Of course all of these things as a whole mainly is a reminder for me too. OK. I ve noted. Implementation is the only thing left. Only?
Alright darlings. Ok

Assalamualaikum and have nice days.

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