7 Dec 2015


يا صديقتي الإخوة والأخوات

انا اريد أن أسعدكم
لكن أنا أملك المشكلة
لكن أنا في المجهود لدمر ذالك المشكلة

Ok.... done...
Haha..why did I laughed?  Well, I am not sure whether the grammar is correct or not...and a bit of afraid if the actual meaning that I tried to conveyed turned to be a misunderstanding.
But.. what I really meant was truly came from my heart...deep in my heart, like weird creatures deep in the bottom of the ocean.

I do like helping people, especially those in needs. However, there is one occasion that give me a bunch of worries in terms of helping those people. Well, actually I ve got some kind of constraints which at the same time, I have to combat those constraints that happened to come to the existence when I m trying to help those people. Right now, I might be a bit fragile, and that's why I ve got the urge to battle those constraints more.

Me too, I know that it is not only those people that I would give the contribution to...but also to my ummah, country and to certain extent,to this whole entire world.

Those constraints affected me mentally, followed by physically fatigue.
So...I am really sorry if in the middle of this path, I had ever did something that might annoyed you whenever you perceive me as a person who is not doing her work properly. You are not thinking this way about me?  It means that I am a pessimist haha lol.
Thank you so much if you are ever understand me, especially in terms of my title as a new person.

Regardless what the others think about me,
It's ok... I am still with my war and battle. I will defeat and manage those constraints that attempt to make me fatigue.

Hoho...few lines are already in arabic.
Whatever happen, I wanna improve my Arabic and Deutsch.
Gonna write in those languages soon, in shaa Allah.  😄

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