31 May 2017

Everything is nice when you dont cautious much about how do you behave.
And everything would be fine if you are free from any negative emotion or indication like jealousy, depression, low self-esteem.
For sure; everything would be fine.

When I am writing this; means that I am fighting against those bad feelings.
Outside I would be smiling as wide as I could, the eyebrow shall be raised as it can be while smiling.
But, inside, nuclear bomb is exploding.

I am mad at myself; why I should receive all of these big hits.
Why am I too cautious.
My life seems bitter.
Why I cannot have the happiness like someone else does.
Why should I feel imitated easily.

We are all just human beings, who naturally will decay...go die someday, beneath the same ground the same earth but still I cannot grasp the calmness of being a human being; superiority and inferiority always there. This is the thing that always cross my mind. heh, Human being is just a complex creature with the power of mind which can do something incredible. Still, a human being is still a human being; the same values that we all share together. People born, people die. Repeat.
But still, we have our own perception, different perception towards each other, and sometimes towards ourselves, and that is the rascal! That is the barrier that one shall remove...

But my question is till when..and I am tired already.

*Mind all of these; it just me being emo, soon this will be vanished

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