2 Feb 2017

Never give up when you are out of the comfort

Believe it or not..
When you are trying to work out to change yourself be better, there would be always things try to get the way!

It's kinda funny when I imagine my own music video for Anuar Zain's Andainya Takdir.
Guess's all about the person who try to change but yes things are getting the way, making hard for her to do nicer things for her own good!!! 

What trigger me is how Balqis the little girl in its original video, tearing out the magazine page which got her mom's picture printed. As the scene went along with the song, it is very touching!

Is this can be said as Maladaptive daydreaming? hah..I wonder...
well, as usual my pessimism prompts me towards that thought.

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