5 Dec 2015

My mind is developing as I am growing up...


Sometimes I can be a bold person, especially when I was a child. Justification and perception of others who were around me always turned me out to be in shyness, though. Others would feel the same, I'd think. It is the matter of my own perception anyway.

I record my voice most of the times and try to listen to it.
There is one file that is all about the presentation of me with my friends.
Sadly, with high expectation, I thought my presentation mark would be high. But, apparently it turned out to be a bit disappointing.
Listening back to the recording, I found that the projection of my voice and confident level seem to be nice!!! Alhamdulillah. It upgraded my confident level in some ways. =D
However, was my points that were sooo soo childish, Now I know why I had gotten low mark haha. Laugh out loud to myself.

Discovering this, it made me aware that I should be more alerted to the current issuse and how to handle them professionally. This requires me to gain and find more experiences.
That is how our mind will develop. As long as we are given air to breath, we have to learn and gain something new, which we can use to help others.

Gain more knowledge friends and dear self.

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