2 Feb 2017

Pieces of alphabets

Hi. Assalamualaikum!

Learning new languages without having official lecture sometimes can be stressful. Wait, first thing I would say if anyone ask me why learning new language, it is for fun. So why stress? Hmm

To some extent of time, I thought that I am already capable to read the long text like news feed in the particular language but then, when I do it, wow...why the grammar is so hard to catch! Why there are many new words here??? Why it is hard to understand what they are saying. When it comes to German, you know, there are words that are from another smaller words' combination!

Learn  new languages is fun yes, but at certain times, it can be boring. Sometimes you feel that you are not going anywhere. That's it. You are not going to extent your lesson to the next, because you feel that it change nothing.

However when this happens to me, I'd say
"Years ago when you are little kid, it is also hard to complete English novel. Gotta have dictionary beside you...but then...look at you now! "

It's also kinda demotivated when there is counter thought;
"Well, that was you during childhood..the brain is more efficient catching new language. Besides, the years ago is at least 3 years ago!!!"

How dare.

That's why I hold the thought of learning language that require another new alphabet to memorise.
I got the wanna-have-it-quick attitude. Impatient.
However for Arabic, it is another story.
We already familiar with arabic character since we were in childhood.
I can understand a little bit of Arabic talk or even song.
But, what made me demotivated to pursue more in Arabic is because of the spoken Arabic is far different from the formal text or syllabus.
The only thing that wanna make me to understand more arabic is I want to understand al-Quran without looking at its translation someday.
So I got excited seeing foreigner as if I can go to them and speak Arabic however, I am too nervous to start the conversation with any foreigner...wuish.

Regardless what...when there is motivation for me to practice new language, I'll do.
When I get bored, well it will be me doing another thing but poring over foreign text.

What important thing is I hope that any good intention of learning something new later on would be expressed into good dunia..and akhirat...

Ohhh...naddd...please be nice!

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