18 Jan 2017


Imagination game. lets play

You are in a stage with no audience in the hall. You sit in front of the black grand grand piano and play the it while singing your favorite song! There is  wide smile as you sing with all the yellow stage light pour on the stage.

Cold and warm weather at the same time, and you got a cup of hot coffee on the table. You are sitting there beside the window, looking at the street. Those people who passing by,
and you open your favorite book, and digest it to the fullest!

There is a path, where beautiful trees line up along the path on both sides.
The leaves are falling down. You walk along the path and got to feel the cold yet calm breeze.
You got to see all people surrounding you doing their own business; walking the dogs, kids cycling, couples of old people walk together holding hand.

Standing at the street. Cold yet calm and breezy weather. Wearing coat and scarf; so much cozy and hey, you got a guitar. Pluck it and sing your favorite song with your lip curl into smile.

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Dalam diri selembut sutera kau miliki iman yang teguh,
in shaa Allah.