14 May 2017

Days spent in Penang's Kepala Batas

1st day

We arrived at Kampung Lahar Kepar at about 3:00 pm.
This Kampung is really cute; the community hall is at the centre of the sawah or here we say; BENDANG and there is road routing circling the hall which at the middle of the field and lots of houses nearby. Along the road, you could see the epic scenery of bendang! I can tell you; sounds like earth is really flat when you see the bendang; and you could feel the hotness of the weather of that one place which is near the equator line. Really a small Kampung.

(earth isnt flat btw)

After all of those speeches for opening ceremony; it was the time to be picked up by our foster family. This epic time was very nervous; I really hope epic music was played once the students being called onto the stage to be photographed with their respective foster parents. All students seemed to have their own thoughts about their foster family; meeting with new people for the very first time to be lived with for several days would cost you train of thoughts. Everyone was excited and nervous at the same time.

Chill as my partner and I got called to be photographed with our mom!!!
Smile!!! Imaginary peace, Imaginary cute awesome pose; because we got to face lots of people down the stage. No time to fake myself on not being shy.

After the 'pick up' ceremony, we eat together gether, the tea time. Unfortunately, in a sudden way because we both took the food later after all of the moms and dads get the food first so we got separate from our mom. So after the eating; we reunited back; and went to her house.

So here is about her;
She got 4 children; all girls.  Only one left to be married this July...and she is the only girl who stays with mak (we call her mak) because the others were married, and working at another place. Kak Siti is also working during day time. My partner and I only met her for the first night; the day later she had to go to KL for a training. Mak's husband has long gone. He passed away in mecca. Living with her is her kakak ipar, whom we called her Mak Ngah; she is very old; and for a long time, I could have a person that can be my nenek! However, I could say that mak is lonely due to her daughters' absence.

That night, we were only sharing our stories; about the late Mak's husband and her daughters; about our family. It was raining cats and dogs. I like it!!! Raining at kampung is heaven! You know the feeling...the environment. Regarding the house; I thought it was totally wooden house with not promising condition (I used to be in that kind of house where my late grandfather lived). But nayh. It was a 2-level beautiful house; totally good condition. However, the stairs was really tiring to step one by one. Very pleasant since there was no man at all, so we were totally free to do anything. kah.

2nd day

Day spent there; time spent was not much with our foster family if we compare to us doing the outside activities with community. First activity was doing module for high school students at nearby school. We did the talk about the solar energy and we guided the students to build the small solar cars. I was glad to see them awed in amazement and super excited. There was one student that caught my eyes. He was so paranoid over his group's solar car which built by them. He was totally paranoid and hold much time before they could join the solar car race with other groups. Made me laughed a bit, haha sorry; because he took it very serious man; he fear of losing; the built car's screw and certain joint was loose. Dia nak pakai uhu lah, tape la; semangat pulak suruh member gi koop; kitorang cakap takyah. Since there's no time he reluctantly brought that car to join the race and their group was already far behind Naaahhh...his group won the race as they compete with other groups that were in the queue along with them!!! So sad that most points already not counted. I could say Ish ish ish..budak ni. Kalau dari awal tak paranoid dan go on je race tu, in shaa Allah menang beb.
Over all, they are so happy...this made me happy.

Second activity was catching fishes in muddy paddy field; BENDANG. Man...this was so exciting yet so nervous. We had to catch the catfish and haruan in the mud which was about 1.5 feet deep. I was so nervous; the thought of the catfish's venom really made me scared- having end up in hospital. Firstly we'd been asked to bring ourselves at the other side of the bendang; because they want to put all of the fishes there and we were all getting ready ourselves, Apparently the venom already had been taken out. As all the fishes swimming unpleasantly in the mud with air takungan, we started to find all of the fishes and catch themmmmm (in guerilla way) !!!! I got one heyyy and along the way to catch it was so funn!!! Get yourself in the dirt and mud! Treasured it to the fullest! Seeing all of those guys played target and attack each other down in the mud seem fun. They were all covered with the dirt. I wished that I could played that too! But, first, not any single lady wanna play attack like that. Second, Jenuh weh nak basuh satu outfit #OOTD. Third, too shy to be extreme in public. Fourth, nobody dare enough to join those guys and vice versa. Memang tak la an. Well it's ok though. Seeing all those guys truly expressed themselves well could make me happy as well.
After that we brought our fishes home and cooked them; Ikan keli goreng! Seekoq ja la.

3rd day

We did the rewang! (working together in mass to make huge feast for all villagers.) I did the onion peeling. Oh man, embarrassing myself,  not even in 10 minutes, I started to cry onion. *Need to learn to be a real lady for the sake of her family sooner or later*. Having doing the same thing in a long periods really made me tired seriously. After all of the ingredients had been done prepared, I went for a sleep, putting my sleepy head on the table. Waking up after the nap; I ate the food that had been cooked by the villagers and the guys in huge pots. Sedaaapp meh! Nasi daging kooottt! I saw those peeled onion and I said "well, this is my big contribution"

In that evening; we got to do some village sports. Sports with traditional theme; Tarik Upih, takraw, coconut bowling. Also badminton, and futsal. After a long time, finally I got to grab a racket and played badminton. I was awesome weh..or so they said hahaha. I wished to join the tarik upih...tapi dah penuh. Fully booked! The epic game at the end of the day; was the Football or what American says as Soccer but they played it with kain sarong pelekat for girls and batik for boys hahaha can you imagine that..I was too afraid to join the soccer, kaki bangku I ni. So the rest of us just sit there and cheer up for the team.

4th day

This was the sad day especially for those foster family. This was the last day we were here; Kampung Lahar Kepar and it was the time where we had to go back to our PUSAKA continue our final weeks before final exam. We had the deal with our mak. 'We dont wanna cry' Haaa...Mak said "Takpa, nanti jumpa lagi laaaa" after the ceremony, we all bersalaman, hugging and saying goodbye to each other. If you ask me; I am that one kind of person who will never cry in the public. My ego is high, although it may not as high as Burj Khalifa.

From all of 4 days;

I got noticed that all of those town kids be able to have their joy in this visit.
I dont know how they were in their foster family's home, how were their actual thinking and perceptions, but for sure; during the activities, they were in full of excitement.
When it came to get into the paddy field, most of them were so geli during the early minutes in the mud. But later, they enjoyed it to the fullest. We started to mingle along and getting know each other better.
In both that bendang play and tarik upih, those who joined was really got crazy in expressing themselves.
Here, we were successfully to put out all of the book things aside. What was left; holding each other's hand and enjoyed the moment.

What made me almost teary was when we got to hug and shake hands our nenek or mak ngah for the last time before we depart. She was so sweet and lovely.
...And Mak was taking care us well. Very well. I cant find any vogue words. She cooked many food for us and gave us great hospitality. She even gave us presents and a unique  ubat angin to me May Allah bless you all..

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