8 Aug 2016

If I were the boss

Assalamualaikum, gaiss. Hi, gaiss.

Currently, I am someone who would always receive orders from those who own me in hierarchy.
Rebel and work by our own principles are not easy. Too much things that I am against with. Although "listening to those who under you" is applied, the "just follow your leader, without questioning" seems to play its role, a lot.
However, thinking and imagining of me being in position as a leader, would I capable in making the changes that I have always wished for?

"What if those under me against me, and wouldn't listen to me?"
"Am I going to follow what society desire although it is wrong?"

I just wanna apply what I have learnt based on the faith of mine and other ways of knowing.
The current situation shows that society, most of them seems not favor what I had suggested, though.

Can I make to it?

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