4 Jul 2016

How Titanic movie brought me deep down into the ocean

Speaking of this movie, as a Muslim, I felt that some parts of the movie are something good and more fantastic to be taken out, and by that, the film still would be the best film. Tee Hee

What I valued the most from the film is not the love story of Jack and Rose. I would say yes, for the unreachable hope of Rose though, after her bravery and courage of leaving what she had behind for the sake of her future-self...well, how she can moved on.

All of the musics and the song composed are unforgotten pieces.
I dont know who the sound engineer(s) is/are. They are great though in assembling human's emotions with those sounds.

I could say that this movie paid lots to the details. You know the settings, the props, those actors and actress. I really wish to see their conceptual frameworks.

In this movie, there were castes on that time where the protocol always should be followed especially those from first class. Rose rebelled those things though. She thought that that not make sense and very oppressive. With hopes and dreams, she wished to follow Jack (who seemed to be catching lots of freedom) upon reaching New York. Felt broken, we could see that she never able to have that wish come true...because in parts of our life, we can relate to it...where we had been betrayed by our own thoughts in dealing with the false hopes and dreams.

It is very saddening too to see the happy faces of all people especially the 3rd class people at the beginning, turned out to be greatly hopeless during the accidents, where all people needed to be evacuated and boats were not enough to bring out all people. Most of them being neglected. Although women and children were prioritised, still the daughter of a Major would not get the same treat as that of a farmer. Yet upon the accident, some of the first class were not considerate. How can...
By having men as the later, it is very sad to see a father lied to his two daughters that they would be separated only for a little while...and that's really heartbreaking - the phrase of "little while".

Little bit materialistic, how the ship can broke into two, cutting off electricity, causing all of those damages, really 'wrecked' the feeling of an engineer-to-be. You know, the life of people. the cost of the wreck and all of the lost...those are counted. So, it is understandable to see how the captain and the shipbuilder reacted at the end of the movie.

Some of the people, especially third class ones, were giving up in saving themselves. It is because how the class system treated them. They put their kids into sleep whilst the water had gone flowed into the room already.

The Rose's dream at the end also unforgettable. You know...all those people she knew and not, regardless what class they were in, were there, gathering, to greet her in the majestic hall. Most of the people where she used to meet and talk to (and we used to see). Oh, when it comes to Mr Andrew...the shipbuilder...I got recalled on he saying that he was disappointed in not able to build stronger ship.

This movie gave me deep goosebumps.
What an epic and costly movie.
I got amazed with all of the crews' determination.
After all, there are lots of value can be taken aight.

I used to shed tears watching this movie and used to get overly attached with this movie.
Today, I got the urge to write this cuz, I saw a snippet of the ship.

A movie still a movie, though...although this accident was actually recorded in history.
The real one might be more heartbreaking. T,T

Apart from this historical events, there are lots of heartbroken events and incidents had ever happened.
Just that, they werent filmed like Titanic.
I believe, Jack and Rose story play lots of role in rating this movie, though
Also, those soundtracks.

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  1. i like titanic because of great casting and the theme highlighted. :P
    i like the character of the fat woman who took care of jack. she really was a mother figure.


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