22 Apr 2016

Random thoughts only

Assalamualaikum hi peeps!!!

I hope that today is an okay day.
The world where we live in, always require us to follow the flow. As time passes, new things, new ideas and new thoughts always appear. Hence, the new problems come up, making their debut! And then suddenly the ridiculous rights and laws are needed to implement! The thing is we have to destroy the roots!!! But to make the real causes vanished, we here now need to do the action. Future generations, they will have to be  struggling  more if they wanna destroy the cause... they can only treat, not prevent.

Now I feel that I wanna have derivative learning.  I wan to do the calculation... badly, but I need my notes back!!  It s ok, the dorky like me will meet that love of mine later.

This is just random thoughts of mine huhu 

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in shaa Allah.